Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey, one of the most beautiful places among the mountains of Málaga. Enjoy the nature, fresh air and fantastic views. Both guided tours, private alternative at which you can make the tour in your own speed.

El  Caminito was originally constructed during the years 1901-1905 and was used to transport material and people between two powerplants built on each end of thje ravine El Chorro. 

It wasn´t until the beginning of 1920.s as it officially was opened by the king Alfonso XIII and he founded the name it still carries today. After his visit El Calminito has become one of the most interesting places in Spain, as it offers history and nature in one´. The fascinating road have led that this is one of the most interesting places to visit in Andalucia.

El Chorro (La Garganta del Chorro) is a fantastic place with its stone walls stretching as high as 400 meters along a distance of 3 kilometers. “El Chorro” can be translated into “spurt” which is exactly what the water does as it rushes through the narrow canals in the ravine.

The altitude difference between the resevoirs at each end creates an unique possibility to develope hydroelectric power. An almost revolutinary concept at the time it was started up. 

The place was for long time considered as one of the worlds most dangerous walking trails.

Five people lost their lifes during 1999 and 2000. The attraction was cloosed down the following year, caused by the accidents. After extensive renovations, Caminito del Rey was reopened during 2015.

Although the trail is safe today, it´s nothing for the coward´.

Caminito del Rey is located on an altitude of 100 meters and follows the ravine El Chorro. Only a railing separates the trail from the depth.  The trail is 7,7 km long and it takes some 3-4 hrs to walk.

Thoose who dares the challenge and make the walk, will discover the beautiful and dramatic Paraje Natural del Desfiladero from above. 

Two thirds of the hikers were tourists from abroad. 

1,5 hrs drive from La Fe.

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