Is a small village in a valley named after the river Riofrio (the cold river).

Riofrio have quickly been established within gourmet circles as from it´s fresh fish dishes and several restaurants.

Here you find fish farms with trout as well as sturgeon. Along the river you see relaxing fishermen catching trout in the shadow of high trees. 

Riofrio is known as for the worlds first fish farm of organic sturgeons. The caviar is of course for sale.

The farm has been working since early 60.s but it´s during the last decade that export have increased and placed the high-quality caviar on the map.

If you prefeer not to spend a fortune on caviar and champagne, there are fresh trout and lot of other courses on the menues in the restaurants.

Riofrio ios located 30 minutes by car from La Fe, direction Malaga and is worth a visit. If not for anything else, at least lunch. Signs along the highway A-92.